Saturday, July 25, 2009


This morning I worked the early shift at the pro-life booth at the Delaware State Fair. I met two different, unrelated women who both confessed to me that they had had an abortion in their teens. This is my 4th year working the fair and I've NEVER had a conversation like these before.

The first woman was mid-50's or early 60's. She confessed to me and immediately welled up with tears. She had to wipe them away. She explained that she never healed from her abortion and certainly never dealt with the emotional effects. She was 17 at the time and didn't think she could handle a baby. She clearly regretted the decision and was desperately calling for help. I gave her our Rachel's Vineyard brochure and our DRTL referral brochure. She also said she has grandbabies and then explained that she talked her daughter out of having an abortion. My heart broke for her. Anyone who says there are no emotional consequences to abortions have certainly never spoken with anyone who regrets having one.

The next lady said she was in her mid-50's and had an abortion at 16 because she "fell for the lies." "It was the 70's", her parents were embarrassed, the usual. She wasn't quite as upset while talking to me as the first woman because she said at age 42 she finally made the decision to start the healing process. She sought help and mercy. She now speaks to her church about abortion and its effects. She's still working through it and it's still difficult because her husband has a hard time with her talking about it in public. She said even now, 13 years after she began the healing process, she's nowhere near getting through it.

Please pray for these women. I consider myself blessed to have met them.

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