Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank the Tebow Family

The Tebow Family Needs Your Support!

Those of you who attended DRTL's 2009 Annual Banquet had the privilege to hear a wonderful and inspiring speaker, Pam Tebow. She spoke of her life-affirming story despite undergoing a pregnancy under adverse conditions. While in the Philippines she contracted dysentery and was urged by a doctor to have an abortion. She refused, and that child (who was predicted to die or be severly handicapped) is now Heisman Trophy winner and NCAA football national champion, Tim Tebow!

Now Pam and Tim Tebow are undergoing much criticism for their pro-life Super Bowl ad, set to air on CBS before and during the Super Bowl. The ad is sponsored and paid for by Focus on the Family. "Women's" and pro-abortion groups are disparaging the Tebow family for telling their story and CBS for airing a "controversial" ad during a national sporting event. These same groups who claim to be pro-"choice" apparently think the only acceptable choice is abortion. Why are they so afraid that a high-profile woman chose life? What do they think is going to happen - more women will choose life for their children by hearing the Tebows' story?

Let's show the Tebow family that we support them and their courageous stand for LIFE! Click here to send them a message. You may also contact CBS and thank them for airing the ad and urge them not to cave under pressure from the pro-abortion lobby. Click above, email or call Sean J. McManus, President of CBS News and Sports at or 212-975-4321.

Finally, please pray for the Tebow family and also for those who criticize them. Pray that they will come to understand that the only acceptable choice is LIFE!



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