Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More on Susan G. Komen Foundation

For those of you who are dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, but don't want to support an organization that awards grants to the nation's largest abortion provider, please click here for a list of ethical breast cancer organizations. The Bioethics Defense Fund is a great resource.

And for further indisputable proof and facts of the Komen/PP connection, click here. Note this very interesting exchange between Komen and Curves:

  • KOMEN'S EXPRESS POLICY ALLOWING PLANNED PARENTHOOD GRANTS:Because Komen refused their request to stop providing grants to Planned Parenthood, Curves, a privately held fitness franchise firm owned by women’s health advocate Gary Heavin, ceased supporting Komen events. Here is Komen’s response by its Public Relations Manager Kristin Kelly:

"The Komen Foundation is confident that none of its community Affiliates have stopped funding Planned Parenthood as a result of the pressure from Curves, Operation Save America or any other organization. In fact, when faced with opposition from Curves or the threat that Curves franchises would no longer support the Foundation unless Planned Parenthood funding was eliminated, the Komen Foundation told Mr. Heavin (founder and CEO of Curves) that we would not, in any way, undermine the integrity of our grant-making process. In addition the Foundation told Mr. Heavin that it would continue to allow Komen Affiliates to provide breast health education and screening grants to Planned Parenthood if the grant application was approved through the process outlined above. As a result, Curves chose to suspend its support of Komen Affiliate events, including sponsorship of the Komen Race for the Cure (r). In 2003, Komen Affiliates awarded $38.4 million in grants to support community outreach programs, including 21 grants to their local Planned Parenthood chapters totaling more than $475,000."

Source: Komen website as copied into Powerpoint Presentation by Eve Sanchez, former Komen board member,http://stopabortionbreastcancer.org/talks/denver_silver060930.pdf

Don't let all the tap-dancing fool you. Just because Komen claims the money it gives PP is used solely for breast services (as opposed to abortion services), it doesn't take a genius to figure out that that only frees up other monies for them to use for abortion services. For instance, you have two $10 bills in your pocket. Your mom gave you one, and your friend gave you the other. Your mom tells you not to buy cigarettes with the $10 she gives you. That clearly doesn't mean she thinks it's o.k. to buy cigarettes with the other $10 bill. It doesn't matter where the bills come from...you're not supposed to buy cigarettes!

Please, please, please spread the word about this. Support Curves. Pressure Komen. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, blog it, whatever you need to do. I know there are SO many people out there who would not support Komen or would demand they stop supporting PP if they knew this was going on. I'll be the first to admit, that it's a shame that this is going on. Besides supporting PP, this is a wonderful organization dedicated to fighting a horrible disease. But we can't claim to be for saving women's lives if we're funding the killing of girls in the womb.

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