Monday, October 1, 2012

Protesting Planned Parenthood: "There are too many people in the world. They should die!"

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you all about Friday night..

It was a life changing experience for me in my work in the pro-life movement. 

Friday night about 12 of us protested Planned Parenthood of Delaware's annual chocolate festival fundraiser. This was the first time I had protested at such an event. And truly, I was scared to go. I didn't know what to expect and was frightened at the thought of being close to people who could support such evil. I found myself making excuses that afternoon of why I couldn't go. 

Thank God I offered it up to the Blessed Mother. She gave me strength! I went, and I remember on first sight of fellow pro-lifers and my friends (especially Moira and Dave) already lined up with signs at the entrance of PP's venue, I was filled with courage and conviction and even excitement. We were bringing truth with our witness!

We had signs showing various financial facts - " PP of Delaware made $2.4M from abortion services in 2012" etc. We also had a beautiful, large sign of the baby in the womb at 8 weeks of conception. 

We were asked why we were there by one attendee. In his words, "you're not going to change anybody's minds!" 

"Maybe not," we answered, "but we're showing you the truth of what you're supporting. We're making you uncomfortable." 

Quick synopsis of happenings that night.. We were told WE should have been aborted by a man. One woman, after approaching us and speaking very softly trying to explain that PP offered many services for women, not just abortion, and being refuted by us with the hard facts, walked away and when she got to the door turned, clenched her fists, and screamed (this is not exaggerated): "There are too many people in the world!! They SHOULD die!" Others made classless comments and crude gestures. 

Finally, the most powerful observation for me that night was I noticed the uber-wealthy status of the attendees to the gala: Porsche, Audi & Volvo SUVs, Mercedes, BMWs - a continuous stream of luxury cars pulling into the parking lot. (Though you should have seen their faces fall while pulling in as they realized what our signs stated.) And I thought of the disparity between the transparent wealth of those funding PP and the transparent poverty of the girls/women utilizing PP's services. Just the contrast of the women walking in Friday night drenched in diamonds wearing beautiful designer dresses with their husbands escorting them vs. the young girl limping out of PP after having an abortion, a haunted look in her eyes - all alone, with only a folder and a lifetime of regret and sadness after having made a tragic decision she can never take back. Perhaps a boyfriend leaning on a wall smoking a cigarette is the only support she has.

My other observation was the average age of the gala attendees was 75 years. Really. People old enough to know better, sometimes even walking in with canes and walkers, hobbled over, paying money and eating chocolate to enable the slaughter of little babies, of our youngest generation. 

I just wanted to get these thoughts out there before too much time passed. 

For Life,


  1. You are a REAL and INSPIRATIONAL woman, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise! Reading this makes me have hope that one day all the cloaks will fall and Planned Parenthood will be exposed as the the most anti-woman, anti-family orginization that ever walked the earth. Christ be with you, my sister - keep up the good work!

  2. God bless you for being so brave! Put on the armor of God and keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Thank you Delia. God loves you. You are beautiful. - Julie

  4. I live in Delaware. Thank you for being there.

  5. God bless you for being a witness for truth.

  6. Thank you for being there and for your beautiful heart.

  7. The fact that most of the attendees were older is a good thing. The younger generation, that has lived through the crap that PP has spewed for years, is not embracing their cause. Your witness is a powerful and necessary reminder. THANK YOU!

  8. The juxtaposition couldn't be clearer!
    Really? Let's fundraise for PP by getting together with chocolate.
    All the chocolate in the world could not sweeten the horrific brutality of snuffing out a life.
    Those older folks, most probably grandparents, don't speak for most of our older generation, who have sacrificed a great deal for our families and country.
    Delia, thank you so much for stepping out in courage and trusting in Our Lady's love and protection.

  9. I am not for abortion either, and really, who is? I just want a solution to end child abuse and unwanted children in this world. Sorry, but if abortion is made illegal, can you imagine the suffering and even more horrific horror stories? If I had the choice of being abused and tortured and in many cases today, killed by my own parents or caregivers - I would choose to not be born at all. Contraception is the answer to abortion. More should be done to force more women/men to use contraception which is also a service that Planned Parenthood provides and should indeed be covered by all insurances. Hopefully, one day the answer will be clear.

  10. Saddness prevails when faith overides reality. God & Mother Mary gave us all brains...think. Where is the compassion when rape results in pregnancy? When a 14 year old makes a mistake? When a drug addict & positive hiv woman finds out she is pregnant & cannot fathom bringing another baby into this world? or a woman just had her 7th child & doesn't want anymore due to the fact there is no husband/helper there & it is her 7th caesarian & her doctored warned this pregnancy may kill her & leave her children parentless? There are hundreds of scenarios & I don't see any of you supporting any of these woman spiritual, financially, or emotionally. It is not a perfect world but you all have no right to judge. Listen to Pope Francis he is trying to tell you to lighten up & spend time on the real issues of compassion,charity,& goodness. Stop makinfg judgement you are not God.