Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Involved in 40 Days for Life!

From Shawn Carney, the national campaign director of 40 Days for Life:

I'm in awe of what has happened just in the first twodays of this 40 Days for Life!Brisbane, Australia is 15 hours ahead of the EastCoast of North America, so it was still Tuesday whenthe other 134 locations began their vigil. Brisbaneleader Brendon reports, "We had about 80 people at ourkickoff event and so far we've got most of our timeslots filled," he said. "I pray the USA and worldwideevent is going well."

Back in the States thing ARE going well...In Worcester, Massachusetts, Bishop Robert McManus ledabout 40 people in prayer. Paul, one of the localcoordinators, said, "It was the most people I've everseen there at one time." Reporters for two newspaperswere there as well. "We are getting so many new peopleinvolved. I think something big is coming!"

Something big is happening indeed. I know that becauseof my visit to Indianapolis for the kickoff eventwhere 50 people processed two miles to PlannedParenthood -- in the snow!See photo at: Eileen reports, "With hearts on fire, they sang andprayed and promised to return often during the 40 Daysfor Life Indianapolis campaign. Their sacrifice is aninspiration to anyone hesitating because the weatherisn't comfortable."There's something else BIG to report -- the FIRST BABYSAVED from abortion during this brand-new campaign!Two women were praying at a 40 Days for Life vigil inNew Jersey -- for one of them, it was the first timeever. As they were praying, they saw a woman who hadjust come out of the clinic and was standing near thedoor. When the women who were praying asked if shewould take a flyer, she had a simple response: "I didn't do it! I changed my mind."

WOW!Chris in Florida was already apprehensive about thefirst 40 Days for Life campaign in Tallahassee and asshe drove up to the vigil, she saw police cars. "My heart started pounding and I said a quick prayerbefore I got out of my car," she said.

It turned out that a woman had parked in the clinic'slot and went to pay an insurance bill next door. Whenshe came back out, she walked over to the peoplepraying to offer her support. Well, the abortionclinic staff ran out, yelled at the woman for parkingin their lot and called the police."

The police took down information, defused thesituation, and were wrapping up by the time Iarrived," Chris said. "As the officers left, one ofthem said we were doing just fine where we were, buthe had only one problem with us: 'You're only hereduring Lent!' What a great affirmation of our effort!"

It's time to sign up! We are desperate for people to come to the Wilmington 40 Days for life! See what wonderful things can come from it?? Please sign up here today!!

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  1. At the completion of Day 5, Dover had 30 persons registered for the prayer/vigil at the clinic and another 36 persons who are praying and fasting.