Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stimulus Bill Threatens Euthanasia

The following is an urgent message from Judie Brown, president of American Life League:

Dear Friends,
We have to act now! Our president and Congress have fed on the fears of a nation gripped by economic panic to legislate state-enforced euthanasia.
As early as tomorrow, the United States Senate and House of Representatives will vote on the Economic Stimulus Bill.
PLEASE act now to let your legislators know this plan threatens the elderly and opens the door for euthanasia and nationalized health care.
The healthcare provisions in the massive Stimulus Bill call for the appointment of a new bureaucracy headed by a National Coordinator of Health Information Technology who will track your medical records, and limit your medical provider to only providing treatments the bureaucracy deems appropriate and 'cost effective.'
The government will now track your every medical move.
Patterned off Sen. Tom Daschle's book "Critical: What We Can Do about the Health Care Crisis," the plan will have the greatest impact on seniors.
Daschle's plan asserts that seniors must forgo certain treatments for cost effectiveness. He praises similar systems in Europe that allow euthanasia and limited access to health care for the elderly.
There will also be a new Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research modeled after a U.K. board that divides the cost of treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. The young will be treated and the elderly are left in the cold.
The provision bears striking resemblance to the infamous Oregon health care system, and will place the country a step closer to a mandated euthanasia of the elderly, infirm and undesirable.
This is a sly and manipulative attempt to attack the worth and human dignity of the elderly and weak. It is a direct attack on human life.

Please call your senators and representatives NOW to urge them to vote NO on this stimulus package!!

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