Sunday, March 22, 2009

Barack Obama to Speak at Notre Dame

One of the nation's most prominent Catholic institutions of higher education has invited anti-life President Barack Obama to deliver the commencement address. Would love to hear your thoughts & comments.

Update 3/23: University President Fr. John Jenkins defends the school's decision here.


  1. It pains me, as a Catholic, to see the scandalous decisions made by people like Fr. Jenkins. His invitation and honorary degree to the most pro-abortionist President (if not politician) in history, is beyond any acceptable explanation or justification. The supporters of this decision say that it is the office of the Presidency they are honoring. Why in the world would anyone honor a man who is intent on spreading death. I hold no hope that Fr. Jenkins will withdraw the invitatin and do hope that public outcry will withdraw Fr. Jenkins.
    Betty McFann

  2. If Robert Mugabe was our president, would it be right for Notre Dame to honor him solely because he is president, but overlook the scores of murders, starvation of Zimbabwe's citizens, and plunder of the country's treasury that he is responsible for? If I understand Fr. Jenkins, the answer is 'yes.' Obama has talked a lot about the other issues that are apparently important to Fr. Jenkins, but the only thing he has accomplished in respect of any of them is getting himself elected. Therefore, it is right to assume that his mere status as "president" is all it takes to receive an honorary degree and a microphone from which to lecture Catholic students on whatever topic he chooses without rebuttal. Next year, maybe Mugabe! How about it Fr. Jenkins?