Monday, March 16, 2009

President Obama's Frivolous Embryonic Stem Cell Decision

In an expected move, President Obama reversed President Bush's embryonic stem cell restrictions. What does that mean exactly? Supporters of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) will talk about Bush's "bans" on ESCR and how he was an opponent of "science" and that the medical and scientific community lost ground during the Bush years because of his decisions. President Obama even politicized Christopher Reeve recently, saying that had the practice been allowed for the last 7 years, he might still be alive.

This is all a bunch of pretense to get people to think ESCR will save the world. On the contrary. Bush did not ban ESCR. He simply banned the use of federal taxes to fund it. So it's necessary to point out that the practice of ESCR has not in fact been banned for the last 7 years - it just rightly hasn't been supported by our tax dollars. Therefore, if ESCR was really the savior that Obama and his allies want you to believe it is, don't you think a private corporation would have stepped up and funded the practice somewhere during that period of time? Of course they would have - they would have been lauded for its successes! However, no private company did such a thing. Therefore, we have to wonder just how effective ESCR really is.

Here is the short answer: it's not. There have been zero advances made via ESCR as opposed to several other morally-acceptable methods of stem cell research like human skin cell and umbilical cord. Scientists have even been able to alter certain adult stem cells to make them behave like embryonic stem cells so why wouldn't we want to pursue that route?

Many scientists even claim that ESCR is a dying science. It boggles the mind that President Obama and others are still aggressively pursuing this method. It's clearly still more of a political move aimed to garner votes for Democrats as opposed to a real solution for some of our other medical problems. Pray that supporters of this tragic method of research that kills human embryos have a change of heart and that real progress is made through other forms of stem cell research.

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