Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They've hit a new low

Planned Parenthood has hit a new low (Is that a surprise? They kill children.). A fellow pro-lifer brought this to my attention today. Here was her email:

I just visited Planned Parenthood of Delaware's web site and guess what? They are hosting a Pledge-A-Picket fundraising drive! People sign up to pledge $X for each day pro-life folks picket PP organizations between April 5 - June 5 of this year. Whee! Isn't that special??

This is ultra sickening. Exploiting (well, let's be honest, it's not new that PP exploits something) our right to free speech to raise money to kill children. We have a group of brave pro-lifers who vigil outside of PP on Friday mornings in Wilmington, and Thursdays in Dover. This email was circulating among us and it was tossed around that we should stop vigiling while this heinous fundraising drive was going on. That could be the worst course of action. This "cutsie" little pledge drive isn't going to make much of a difference for them monetarily. They get loads and loads of money from the government. Money isn't what we, the pro-life movement, are concerned with. We know that one save infuriates them more than any amount of money makes them happy. We can't play into their vile little games. That's exactly what they want - for us to recede so women don't actually have a choice. We have to stay the's obviously working!!

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