Friday, January 21, 2011

"Ask Them What They Mean by Choice" Blog Day!!

Thanks, Jill Stanek! She's organizing the "Ask Them What They Mean by Choice" blog day, in response to NARAL's "Blog for 'Choice'" day! From Jill:

"Today’s the day! 87 89 pro-life bloggers* have signed up to respond to NARAL’s“Blog for Choice Day” with our own “Ask Them What They MEAN By ‘CHOICE‘ Blog Day.” When you write something on your blog, post a link in my comments section.

Facebook users please click “Like” to this post and add your own comment.

Twitter users please add hashtags #BlogforChoiceDay and #prochoice to your tweets. Also copy @NARAL and @JillStanek if you have room. I’ll try to retweet."

Join us!!!

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