Monday, January 17, 2011

Where will YOU be next Monday?

To many, life is the next party. Life is the witty status update on your Facebook. Life is money. Life is fast cars and freedom. Life..

But, at the end of the day what are the moments that have touched us the most? Who are the people that have made the deepest impacts on our lives? To me, life is the single mother who chooses to get up each morning, for the sake of her children. Life is the broken teenager who decides to keep her baby, despite the hardships she knows she will face. Life is that little old lady who dedicated herself to the poor. Life..

Every day people, every day faces, every day heroes.

These are the people who have shaped and continue to shape my philosophy of life.

They are an example to us of the example we are called to be to one another. Living the everyday life is sometimes the simplest, and hardest thing to do; but it makes the largest waves by touching the lives of those around us. It's that classic chain reaction, and it begins with you and me. Will we be a hero to the person sitting next to us?- A listening ear, a comforting smile? You may have the words they've been desperate to hear... You may save their life. And now, isn't THAT what life is all about?
So, my Philosophy? To put it simply: Live for others in the life you have been placed in. Our starting point is right now.

Life... What will your legacy be?

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