Friday, August 19, 2011

Stories from the sidewalk...

Stories from the Sidewalk
I have seen a lot of tears recently on the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood. Two weeks ago Friday,
a young woman was on the cell phone talking when she burst into tears and started yelling at the person on the other end. She hung up, and stood there with tears rolling down her face. I approached and as gently as I could said, "I can't help noticing you are in distress. Can I help?"
She said, "He said he was going to meet me here. Now he says he's not coming."
I said, "Are you talking about your boyfriend?"
She said, "He's not my boyfriend. We just hooked up. But yesterday he said he'd show up here with the money for the abortion, and today he says he's not going to give it to me."
We talked about why she thought abortion was the only choice, and whether her parents knew she was pregnant. She had just graduated from Christiana High School. She said her mother would kill her if she knew, but her grandmother might understand. I suggested she call her grandmom. I offered to take her out to breakfast or to a place where professional counselors would talk to her at no cost. She said she had texted a girlfriend. Sure enough, in a few minutes a car full of young women pulled up, she got in the car and drove away. I was too timid to speak to the young women in the car also.
Pray for her,and for all those who are in distress when they come to Planned Parenthood. Pray that the Lord opens their hearts to find another way. Pray for those who come out of the clinic, after the deed is done. Pray that the Lord give them the graces they need to find understanding of what they have done, repentance, comfort, and peace. It might sound more kind for them to never recognize what they have done, but only the Lord can bring healing and peace to the chaos sin brings into our lives, however culpable we are.
Join us if you can at 625 Shipley St. in Wilmington this morning from 9-11, outside of Planned Parenthood. You don't have to talk. Prayer is the core need. Public prayer and witness to the value of the lives that are at risk and that are ended inside.
Rae Stabosz
Rae is a member of Delaware's 40 Days for Life Campaign

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