Sunday, August 14, 2011

To be a Patriot, Part 3

Planned Parenthood has conned the public so well with their bright pink signs and empowering talking points; hoping that their passion for reproductive rights will outweigh the damage they have procured. They want the people to believe that they truly care about women’s health, not the revenue; and that they work to reduce abortions within the community. “ Planned Parenthood believes that the best way to make abortion rare is to make sure women, families and teens have access to confidential and affordable health care services”( http://www.plannedparent This is contrary to what, Amy Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director in Texas witnessed. Assisting with an ultrasound guided abortion one day at her clinic, Amy watched in horror as the body of a thirteen week old baby was sucked from a woman’s womb; fighting for its life. That moment ended her eight year employment with Planned Parenthood. Having dodged attacks and a lawsuit from the company that once named her the affiliate’s Employee of the Year, she reveals the lies she once believed. “Abortion was where my priorities needed to be because that was where the revenue was. This meant that my job as the clinic director was to find a way to increase the number of abortions at my clinic.”(Johnson & Lambert, 2010) In Planned Parenthood’s Annual Reports ( 2005-2008,) and Fact Sheet for 2008 (2010) the insight from Abby is mirrored in their abortion numbers; which have steadily increased through the years. In 2004 there were 255,015 abortion procedures performed; 264,943 in 2005[1]; 289,750 in 2006; 305,310 in 2007[2]; and 324,008 in 2008[3]”.

Those who have stood behind Planned Parenthood have been hypnotized by the chants of “my body, my choice”. As a result, they have silenced the voices of those who have been victimized through the desensitization of integrity. In a country called “the land of the brave”, why are its leaders cowardly numb to the basic threats against liberty? It is true that these threats may not manifest into the kind of terrorism that brings down buildings; but they are the kinds that terrorize the fundamental rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. There are far worthier, honest organizations that deserve the millions in taxpayer money that Planned Parenthood currently receives. The masquerade has finally begun to fall, and it is now up to the people of the United States of America to ensure that the values the country was once founded, reign again over its citizens.

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