Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fellow lifers ...

The following is a story from our Dover, 40 Days for Life leader, Donna Latteri:

" ... To my beloved pastors and Deacons:

When will WE do something about our Planned Parenthood here in Dover? What are your suggestions on more that we can do? Flushing babies down the toilet after taking RU486 is very common here. It's a mind set.

Unsafe conditions and un-sterilized instruments put women at risk daily. 

I spoke with a young father yesterday at the clinic who was outside the door. 

I asked him if he would use a dentist that didn't sterilize his instruments. Of course he said he would NOT because he could get a disease. 

I asked if he thought flushing babies down toilets was acceptable practice today. He did NOT feel it was.  

I showed him and described to him a child if 8 weeks in development. His child was 6 weeks along....

I showed him how Margaret Sanger's vision was to eliminate the minorities and how abortion is the largest threat on their race.  

I offered him adoption services that would pay for everything.  

His reply "it's just not a good time".  

I asked if he was embarrassed --- I relayed that I was 23 and single and pregnant and had to make that choice. 

He said he was NOT embarrassed. "It's just not a good time".  

Deal as I saw it was he just doesn't want to be responsible and didn't care if the girl got diseases from bloodied instruments or bled to death from the RU486. 

PLEASE ADVISE --- How do we overcome the mindset that life is flushable and disposable?

I suggest looking at the Jericho Movement. It requires bringing Jesus to the site of evil. 

We can do this once a month with Eucharistic procession.

And HEAVILY promote this from the pulpit.

The blood of these babies is on all of us if we DON'T do more ... "

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