Sunday, April 14, 2013

The next Gosnell? Planned Parenthood of Delaware benefits from being in bed with State of Delaware and News Journal

Guess who is the public face of the DHSS Division of Public Health in the matter of the State of Delaware's pending investigation of Planned Parenthood of Delaware? Only the ex-PR Director of Planned Parenthood of Delaware (PPDE) herself!

The fox is in charge of the hen house in Delaware!

For three days after an ABC6 Action News report on two former Planned Parenthood revealing Gosnell-like conditions (guerneys with bloody drainage from last patient, unsterile instruments) at 625 Shipley St, the News Journal -- premiere newspaper in Delaware -- maintained its silence. No comment whatsoever on the shocking allegations revealed by a Philadelphia television station after the News Journal ignored attempts by the whistle-blowing nurses to give them the story. Finally, the News Journal reports on Planned Parenthood:

Does the News Journal mention the allegations of filthy conditions and a "meat market style of assembly line abortions" that abc6 reported on? Nope. Does it mention $5000 in fines paid by PPDE in 2012 for OSHA violations including dirty needles and untrained staff handling contagious materials? Nope! Does it mention 22 staffers quit or fired since 2012? Nope, nope, and nope! What does it tell the people of Delaware?

This sterling piece of journalism says that the new CEO of Planned Parenthood, Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, has suspended in-office abortions (surgery) in order to train new staff.

Can you say travesty? No mention of the abc6 report, no mention of the allegations of filth and worse by the nurses who worked at PP, NOTHING.

To cap it off, the article cites DHSS representative Emily Knearl about Public Health's oversight of Planned Parenthood. and just who is Ms Knearl?? Only the former PR Director of Planned Parenthood of Delaware who worked at the 625 Shipley St clinic until last year!

Yeah, THAT'S gonna be a great investigation. Ex PP bigwig is representing the Public Health division that's investigating PP!

You can't make this stuff up! Not only is the State of DE in bed with Planned Parenthood, it looks like the News Journal is in bed with both!

Rae Stabosz is a volunteer for Delaware Right to Life.  Her attack while filming ambulances at Planned Parenthood in Wilmington has led to a media firestorm, and an effort to expose this facility as the "next Gosnell", as abortion clinic regulations in Delaware are non-existent.  Rae is a contributor at First State for Life and blogs at Confessions of a Cooperator.


  1. This is why people read blogs and the emerging decentralized media. They know that the main stream media is usually full of B$ and corruption.

  2. So true, mynym! Please spread this far and wide!