Monday, July 25, 2011

DRTL at the DE State Fair, Part 2

Delaware Right to Life Director, Nicole Collins, gives her account of her experience at the Delaware State Fair..

I had an interesting conversation with a black woman. She was very nice and said she's "pro-life" but immediately argued that before one month, abortions are just fine. I asked why? Where did she get this arbitrary "one month" time period and what's the significance of being able to kill a child at that point? I told her that was her own opinion...there was no biological fact to support it. She responded that it's because before one month, it's not really a baby, it's an embryo. And I said, "Well you know 'embryo' is just a scientific term, right? It's not a substitute for 'human being', it's just a stage of development." She replied, "Yeah, but the embryo isn't really developing at that stage." With what I'm sure was a very confused expression on my face, I pointed to our 6-week fetal model and asked, "If it's not developing, how does it get to this point?" She kind of laughed and quickly changed her argument (typical when arguing with a pro-abort). She then began to tell me that abortion is a better alternative if the mom isn't going to take care of her child and the child will suffer. I said, "Oh, so it's better that the baby is killed rather than suffer? Not to mention, why would we kill a child who might potentially suffer? Aren't there already millions of suffering children in the world right now? By your logic, shouldn't we kill them first? They're already suffering right now!" She smiled and I knew she got my point. Her argument was that unmarried girls can't raise children. Although, I've seen it done many times (and even had an interaction with a woman who's daughter had a baby at 16 and is thriving!). Way to give young women credit, lady! I thought women were strong?!? After that debate went on a couple more minutes, she changed her tune yet again, and said that, well, we just need to work on lowering instances of unwed pregnancies. Finally - AGREED!  I left her with a bunch of our African American literature and explained to her how the abortion industry exploits and targets blacks, as well as our pamphlet on Margaret Sanger and her intentions.  The black community should be outraged!

I've also seen many times when children or spouses slow down to stop and look at our table and then a parent or other spouse realizes who we are and what we do and they physically drag the other person away. I always want to ask especially the parents, "What are you afraid of them finding out?" The truth, perhaps? We have a fetal model on the table and hand out 10-week post-conception babies. Kids LOVE them! We have no graphic photos at our booth...just information. It always irks me. They can take or leave the info, but I'd so much rather engage in a conversation with them (even if it's confrontational), than them drag their children away. Half of me wants to even chase them down and ask, "Are there any questions I can answer for you?" Unfortunately I don't think that would be appropriate! :)

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