Monday, July 18, 2011

To volunteer, or not to volunteer.. that is the question.

With the Delaware State Fair fast approaching, and open time slots needed to be filled, I thought it a perfect time to relate a personal story of one of my recent volunteer experiences with Delaware Right to Life. I hope it inspires at least one person to seize an upcoming opportunity( ::cough:: State Fair) to be a witness for life.
One of the venues where Delaware Right to Life sets up a booth every year, is Newark Nite. I was there with another board member, friend of mine, and from the moment our shift started we rarely had a dull moment! There was a steady flow of people constantly coming up to our booth, to look at the literature, take a bumper sticker, or check out the baby models we had ( a BIG eye grabber ) which shows the actual size and form of the developing baby in the womb.

One of the things we give out for free to children, are the little plastic baby models of a 12 week old baby. When we were explaining to a family that this was the actual size of a child, the father said "But that's not the actual form right?". We were quick to clarify that indeed it was; fingers, toes, ears are visible. This is not an "opinion", this is science. The facts are on our side.

A little later, two young men, on two separate occasions came up to us to give their praise and support for our cause and that they in fact were pro-life; but they felt like they didn't have the right to interfere in a "woman's" issue, or that they wouldn't know what to say and how to say it. Going to the front line is truly a tough step to overcome; it is only natural to feel nervous. But, to me as a young woman, I am impacted more by a man taking a stand for life than a woman. It is what our society is lacking, and crying out for; men to become protectors once again. Besides, it takes two to make a baby.

I will leave off with this last story which didn't happen to me , but to my friend that night...
A young man ( all these young men!!!) came up to her suddenly and said, "Can I shake your hand?". She was reluctant at first, as anyone would be, thinking it was a gag. But, she gave him her hand and he shook it saying, "We had a baby in college."

Sometimes you don't have to say anything, just your presence is enough...

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  1. When someone tries to tell me that the fetal models or babies, etc that we hand out aren't really what the "baby" looks like, I just tell them, "Then Google it!" We're not making this stuff up, folks! :)

    Another argument for the young men who think it's a "woman's" issue, is to tell them it's not a "woman's" issue, it's a HUMAN RIGHTS issue!! Were not white people involved in the civil rights movement?