Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Story of Love and Life

On May 21st, the IHM pro-life community celebrated the first Mass for the Unborn which had a two-fold purpose: to remember and pray for those babies lost to abortion, and to bless those mothers who are expecting, and their babies.

The music was beautiful and Msgr. Lemon gave an inspired homily on Life. A mother and daughter who were present at the Mass, left church and the mother went to a store by their home with her husband. There they saw a very pregnant girl sitting on the curb. Commenting to her husband that she had just left a Mass for the Unborn, she recognized that there was clearly something wrong for this girl and they stopped to ask if they could help her.

She told them that she was temporarily homeless, 38 weeks pregnant, thought she was in labor and had no one to help her. So they took her to the hospital where she was told that she was not in labor. Further discussion revealed that she wanted to give the baby for adoption, but didn't know how to go about it and had made no arrangements. So the mother requested that a social worker from the hospital talk to the pregnant girl to give her resources to make contact with an adoption agency and get the information she needed. Before leaving her, they gave her money for a place to stay for the weekend and made contact with Adoptions from the Heart to start the adoption process, and helped her find a place to stay after the weekend. Before departing, they gave her their cell phone numbers so she could call them for the help she would still need.

The following Wednesday she called and the mother took her back to the hospital. She asked the mother to be her support coach, and after a few hours she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The mother was so humbled and grateful to the Holy Spirit that she was able to be a witness to the birth of this beautiful baby boy. The baby has now been adopted by a wonderful couple who had been waiting for several years for a baby.

The birth father of the baby also asked the mother and her husband what church they attend and they invited him to come to Mass with them.

The mother has since been offered a job and is looking for permanent housing. She knows in her heart that the best gift she could have given her baby was a wonderful home with parents who can give her baby everything he deserves in life, and even in her desperate situation, she chose life for her baby.

We wanted to share this inspiring example of the Holy Spirit at work in our parish with everyone and thank the mother, husband and daughter for the wonderful Spirit of Love they shared.

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