Sunday, July 24, 2011

DRTL at the DE State Fair

Our Annual Banquet Coordinator, Delia, tells of her experience yesterday at the State Fair...

"My friend Erika and I worked the Delaware Right to Life booth on Friday at the annual state fair. Hottest Day Ever. But troopers for Life mind not the heat! Though the crowds were thin due to the extremely hot weather, we still had several visitors stop by the booth, all pro-life supporters. Over and over again, visitors told us how pleased and hopeful they were to see young people supporting the pro-life cause. Considering Erika and I are both now officially thirty-somethings, we thanked them for categorizing us as "young people".

Overall, people were open and kind and gave us such positive feedback. Though I know this positive response will not always be the case, so far it has been for me; I am continually touched by the beauty and goodness I see in my fellow Delawareans when conversing with them at these events. Delaware IS pro-life. If only our politicians will catch up with the times.

I am also forever grateful to Milford Music, our friendly booth neighbors, who played Christmas carols throughout the afternoon to help us all cool down... if not physically, then mentally. Molto grazie!"

* Girl at the fair wearing her pro-life t-shirt, posed for us in front of our booth. :)

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